How to fix it

cytotec generic I am often asked ‘how the hell can you fix everything?’ I suppose I have a natural ability to fix things. I grew up without alot of extras and out of necessity I had to create in order to have. After decades of repairs I have learned some truths to problem solving.

basics All problems begins the same. Whether the problem is social like family and friends, or tangible like cars and electronics the situation is the same. In front of you is a mess or shall we say a lack of order. You are staring at a situation that needs a resolution and there are so many things out of place you don’t know how to begin.

hop over to this web-site First, begin by knowing your problem is human based. It is likely a result of human involvement and design. If it is the cause of humans then humans can ‘un-cause’ it, so to speak. What I am saying is you have the ability to remedy your own situation. We as humans tend to fall into the mind frame that we can not fix the problems around us. Not so true.

Second, look at the problem at the basic level. Start by inventorying the specifics of the problem. Identify the unknowns and record them either mentally or by writing them down. As you begin to break the problem up in pieces you begin to make a map or system of the problem. This helps the brain to begin to process the larger problem in a series of bits. Small bites are easier to chew. Remember at this step it is simply a means of identifying those smaller problems that make up the whole.

Third you begin to tackle the identified items one by one. Start by understanding what you don’t know. What does that identified item do in normal working order? How is it expected to operate? Get online and do some searching. Try to fully understand the purpose of the item. Once you start to understand it’s purpose you will begin to understand what isn’t working properly. Continue to do this until you have understood all the items inventoried. Whether it is a person that is acting in an unusual manner, an electronic device that isn’t working properly or a car issue the method is the same. What is not working properly, what are the components that make up that problem, how should those component operate normally and how to repair them to get them in working order?

In relationships it make seem more natural to identify issues but not always as easy to determine the root cause. Is your friend jealous, mad, sad etc? When did this first occur? What other things were going on during that same time? What other reactions were involved with the friend or others associated? Break down the issue, identify and inventory the links, then address the broken pieces. Fix the problems.

In electronic or mechanical repair it is similar. Other things created on this earth are created logically by our Creator. Some problems are complex and some are simple. Many times the problems are much smaller than we make them in our mind. Is our friend really a true friend acting like a true friend would? Is it all that important that the material things we have in our possession are perfect? Do they just take up mind space keeping us from those things on which we really need to focus? Remember to keep things in perspective.

For more feedback and possible paths to solutions reach out to me. Don’t let the broken pieces ruin your day, week or life. Fix the broken if it needs to be fixed, otherwise accept the things out of your control or not really important to life…

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