Let me help guide you in your endeavor. If you simply need advice, just ask, IT’S FREE.


If agreed, I can help you with my own personal service in many areas to get you where you need to be.


I can provide semi and complete products to meet your needs.

Some Background

Growing up in a low income and unstable environment I needed to find my own way.  I worked several jobs out of high school and went to jail before getting back into college.  After truly understanding the people in the factory are going no where in life I had a ‘ah-ha’ moment.  If I was to do something with my life, I was to do it one my own.

With refreshed purpose I went back to school, met my future wife, found God and began to build a life.  My wife and I now have a beautiful family with children and grand children and we both have rewarding careers.

Helping family and friends for years with cars, homes, family problems and problems in general I always heard them say that I was so good at fixing, building and creating ideas that I should share it with a wider audience, I should write it down.  So this is my start.  I want you to test me and give me a challenge and let me help you!

Next Steps…

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